With Hooked Up Designs and our digital platform, we can now open doors to many new and unique opportunities. The first is a very creative and affordable way for advertisers to reach their customers. Hooked Up has devised a formula that allows our advertising partners to save money on ad costs as the number of advertisers increases with Hooked Up. Contributing to our growth is a very attractive way for our advertising partners to help us, help them. 

As we reach the 35-customer level, we offer a 2% discount on the costs of ads. At the 45-customer level we offer a 5% discount, and at the 55-customer level we offer an 8% discount - savings that make advertising with Hooked Up a winning formula. Another powerful opportunity available through our digital format is our ability to include embedded video commercials within a traditional ad (up to 30 seconds), which allows the advertiser to maximize their exposure and drive their message home in two mediums simultaneously – just another way Hooked Up Magazine offers the most for its advertising partners.

with new technology comes new ideas at reasonable costs

Hookedupdesigns.com is the window that will lead you to all that is going on at Hooked up.  Our site is full of information about our magazine, services, and apparel while displaying the full range of advertisers and there products.  Up to date schedules will be posted as well as the ‘new happenings’ throughout the fishing and water worlds.

Hooked Up will offer recommendations  and even assist you with booking charters throughout Florida with the finest charter captains available for all of your fishing needs as well as various destinations across the state and in the keys.  Let us know what you want to catch and we will do our best to recommend the best in the industry.  We can also recommend your resort destination that will make your trip complete.

Our Services

Hooked Up has formed a social media team with experience to ensure that we will be getting the most exposure for our customers as possible.  With this platform we will be engaging in conversations, promoting photos of activities and events, creating feedback on products and issues, and offering contests to participate in with prizes and giveaways, all to keep our readers engaged in Hooked Up.

Hooked Up magazine is our ‘flagship’ to display information and entertain while educating our readers of all that the industries and lifestyle around the water have to offer.  The magazine will offer a new and exciting platform for our advertisers to present there products and services while keeping in mind the innovative pricing structure that only Hooked Up Magazine has to offer.

For Pricing and more information please contact us

Hooked Up Magazine is already forming      growing 

relationships with a number of fishing tournaments through the state as both a sponsor as well as participants.  We will also be involved in boat shows, charity events, other competitions and informational seminars.  We will make sure everyone sees Hooked Up everywhere they are, either on land or by sea.

All original designs created by our own Art Director , JT.  These creative but simple designs all created with the ‘Hook’ in mind give an original appeal to our apparel line which at this time is offered with decals, hats, and shirts.  Our shirts will be offered in a micro-fiber material which offers a moisture wicking  feature that has a UV protection feature as well as keeping you cool while out on the water.  Our designs will also be available on a cotton line that is ready now for your orders.

hook into the florida lifestyle with our digtial publication